Hello readers, if still remains any. I wrote my thoughts about many things but this one is about time. Time is always been my field of interest. When does it start and when it is going to end. Is time travel really possible? For a long time, I wanted to write about time. So this time I am going to write my thoughts about it. Its about time isn’t? so this time, it’s about time.

Many epic stories have a description of time travel but we don’t see them as time travel. We consider them as some kind of trick of the God. Let’s see. Some ancient myths depict a character skipping forward in time. In Hindu mythology, the Mahabharata mentions the story of King Raivata Kakudmi, who travels to heaven to meet the creator Brahma and is surprised to learn when he returns to Earth that many ages have passed.

The Buddhist Pali Canon mentions the relativity of time. The Payasi Sutta tells of one of the Buddha‘s chief disciples, Kumara Kassapa, who explains to the skeptic Payasi that, “In the Heaven of the Thirty Three Devas, time passes at a different pace, and people live much longer. “In the period of our century; one hundred years, only a single day; twenty-four hours would have passed for them.” (Sources – Wikipedia)

I think very few people know about Déjà vu. Déjà vu is a French phrase which means “already seen”. It is the phenomenon of having the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. Sometimes I also felt that this moment has already happened and I lived that moment before. I asked people if they have felt the same but some said “no” they didn’t but some say “yes”. I searched for it and I found out that 70% people can experience that.

Some say that it is just coincidence or nothing or random or mental disorder or maybe we have seen that happening in our dreams before. But how is it even possible because it felt like that it was the same time, same place, same person and the exactly the same condition. You cannot experience the whole situation just like that. Dreams are also not the explanation.

So, here is what I think and this is my explanation, may not be true but I don’t see any other explanation that works for me. It is still a theory of mine. What if time travel is still happening and we do not know about that. I am not saying that it’s us or aliens or anyone, I am just saying what if someone or some people are manipulating with time. They may have the technology for this or somehow they are capable of doing that. So they are traveling in past maybe to change something for good or bad I don’t know but only the people who are doing this they only know what have they changed and we don’t know. Only some of us get the glimpse of that situation or experience that was already happened or experienced or seen or the moment lived by us. Every human has different brain functionality. So the only 70% of the population is experiencing this. And why the Govt. or people needed to survey that how many people are experiencing Déjà vu. Is there anything they are trying to hide. Are they calling it Déjà vu to distract people to make them believe that it’s just normal so that they can do what they are doing?

In Hindu mythology, there is a God named “Brahma” creator of the world and all living beings and blah blah blah. There is a thing about him I read several times in 2 or 3 different sources. Those sources have written that time works quite different for him. So I am mentioning here from one source as much I still remember.

In the sacred books of Hinduism “Vedas”, it talks about the age of our universe. According to these “Vedas”, there are 4 Yuga (ages) on earth which keeps looping.

Sat yuga – 1.728 million years

Treta yuga – 1.296 million years

Dwapar Yuga – 0.864 million years

Kali Yuga – 0.432 million years (currently running)

The total is – 4.32 million years

This Yuga cycle is called maha yuga. One thousand of these cycle is equal to one day of Brahma. So one day of Brahma is 4.32 million x 1000 = 4.32 billion human years. This one day of Brahma is also known as “kalpa”. His night is also constructed of 4.32 billion human years. During his daytime, life exists in-universe and in his nighttime, no life form exists. So his complete one day and night is 8.65 billion human years. When I was a kid I read somewhere that Brahma’s one second is equal to 1,00,000 human years.

So, I always thought that what is this person and where does he live? Some people say that he lives in the sixth dimension. That is why his time different than us. I think if human life really exists on the molecular level and we believe that this is the third dimension, I strongly believe that it is possible that there are many dimension above us. So, it is possible (just my theory as an example) that maybe our 1 year is equal to 1 day for the 4th-dimensional people. 1 year of 4th-dimensional people is equal to 1 day for the 5th-dimensional people, and this hierarchy goes up and up and up then what. Where these dimensions and hierarchy does end? For example let’s say that there are 21 dimensions, and because of Brahma’s one-day calculation it is quite possible that there may be more complex dimensions. So, does Brahma and other Gods were 21-dimensional people. And if they were, how did they make it possible to visit here on this earth. Can we reduce our size to the germs size and visit them? Ok, let’s suppose somehow they manage to visit us because they live in a higher dimension and they may have much much higher technologies and science but still they are not God, are they as we worship them?

I don’t know if the dimensional jump is possible but I know something else which seems possible. As we know that on the moon we can jump 6 inches higher than we can jump on earth, this rule also applies to my time theory. We can jump higher on the moon because the moon has different gravity, and not only the moon rather every planet has their own different gravity. Also, it means that every planet shared a different timeline. It is possible that 100 years of Jupiter maybe equivalent to 1 year of earth. So if someone came to the earth from Jupiter and spent 1 year here on earth, all the people on his Planet (Jupiter) may have died because he must have passed 100 years according to the Jupiter, his home planet, but he will be still alive because he is in earth’s orbit now. Was not this what we were talking about Brahma? Could it be that he was not from any other dimension but from another planet in our own solar system or from another part of our Galaxy or from another galaxy away? And that is why his one day and nighttime different than ours.

The biology of people living on another planet can also be different. Their physical strength can be more or less than us. Their stature may be more or less than us. They may have four hands or four legs. Maybe they have a tail. I mean they can have any kind of appearance. Perhaps they have the ability to read our mind. They can tell us the matter of our mind without even opening our mouth. But is it not something like that said about our God? Wasn’t he also different in appearance? Is it not said that God knows what is going on in our mind? So were they all really God or other planetary species?

Some time ago I saw a movie Interstellar It has been shown that the time may be different on different planets. There is a scene in which Astronaut’s team travels away to another Planet via a black hole. There were probably 21 years of that Planet equivalent to one year of earth. When the actor goes back to Earth, he is still young but her girl is very old and has her own family. So I think that the time may be different on every planet. Also, people living on that planet can be completely different from us. I am sharing a link that explains beautifully through music that how time is different from our planet on other planets in our solar system.


In this, only our solar system has been shown. Now if we talk about our solar system or away galaxies that are many light years away from us, think about how much time there can be different than ours and what kind of people there are. Because I believe that we are not alone in this universe. Now think that if any life form came from those far galaxies thousands of years ago, then what would have our ancestors (who did not know the difference in science or technology and magic) understand them, Obviously God. So they understood that and we have been following that thing yet.

We all know about Superman. Many people have also seen X-Man. Let’s First talk about Superman. I know Superman is a fictional character. But why a character like Superman was even imagined? As far as I remember, the start of Superman Comics was from 1938. Actually, many Alien Activities were noted a few years ago (as I have read). At that time people got to know that we are not alone. And if we are not alone and aliens do exist, then who are they whom we call God, whom we have not even seen. When the eyes of the people opened, they knew that there was no such thing as the God. It was the misinterpretation of our ancestors that they deemed those alien people as God. After having knowledge of these things, people started making movies and comics according to their knowledge. In which they tried to explain in different ways that how we regard aliens or unknown creatures as God. Which includes Superman, XMan, and many characters. Superman can fly faster than a bullet, he is very powerful, he can lift many times more weight than his weight, leave the laser beam through his eyes, he has X-ray vision, so that he can see through anything. All of that is because he is an alien who came from another Planet, and therefore he has different physical and mental properties from humans. When his father sent him on the earth, he also told him that people would fear him and would consider him as the god. Weren’t these the similar abilities of our Gods. So were those people really the God or are we just following some foolishness of our ancestors till date?

These same capabilities also have been shown in X-Man. They did not just show them as aliens in it but it has been shown that they had different abilities. They have been shown as mutants. One can read other’s mind, one can teleport, one can change the weather, some can control the metal, one emits laser beams and another one can move through objects and walls. For example, there is a character in “Nightcrawler” who matches the Hindu god Vishnu, Ram or Krishna. Because “Nightcrawler” can teleport and his body color is blue, just like Vishnu, Ram, and Krishna. Has anyone ever tried to know this, that why was the color of our god blue? This is what movie directors and comic makers have tried to explain. You can see both of them in the image below, “Nightcrawler and “Krishna” the God. So just go a little deeper, expand your space of understanding.                

“The planet Earth exists in three dimensions, we can move in many directions within these dimensions. Space does not exist except when we make it exist. To us, the distance between atoms in our matter is so minute that it can only be calculated with hypothetical measurements, yet, if we lived on an atom, and our size was relative to its size, the distance to the next atom would seem awesome.” – The Blue Planet Project

If say in simple language, the meaning of above lines is that our planet and all the other planets are very very tiny, but our size is relative to this earth, means that we are also very very tiny due to which the other planets seem very distant to us. I am giving an example here through a simple infographic which will make it clear that how does size can affect the time. However it is very simple to understand that the thing with bigger size will take very less time to reach its destination, but still, here it is.


As shown in this image,  the distance is 10 meters. We know the size of an ant and ours. Now you can see that what approx time would be for both to cover this distance. So you can see yourself that that is not same for all the species. It is just this exact moment that we live.

“There is another Earth’s man-made measurement called time. Unlike the other three dimensions, the time has us seemingly trapped. Time becomes very real to us, and it appears that we couldn’t live without it. Yet time doesn’t really exist at all. This moment exists to us, does this mean the same moment is being shared by other planets, in other galaxies? “not really”.” – The Blue Planet Project

Time works so mysteriously, isn’t?

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