So, readers, this is the final thing where I actually got something that forced me to started searching seriously.

This is another thing I like to watch to gain knowledge. I am very fond of movies. I have seen so much Science fictions and horror movies But after watching them what I had found was only in pieces so I always had a thought that they are only fiction. but one day I was watching a science fiction movie named “The Fourth Kind” (2009). People should see this movie. It will definitely force them to think.

In starting I was confused if it’s a horror or a science fiction? After watching the complete movie it made me think that Aliens or Demons? So I searched it on the Google. Many people on the internet were saying that this movie is just a fake. But I thought that at least it worth the search, it’s a matter of truth. So I found that its real and in Alaska many people have disappeared since 1960 as shown in the movie. Now it made me more curious. So I searched for the reason of disappearing of these people. I find that aliens have abducted people many time in Alaska and its like a very common thing there. I was thinking that are these aliens really exist? But I was not sure cause internet is full of these kinds of stories.

I thought, people are disappearing from 1960, how aliens suddenly came here in that year? Could it happen that they were here for a long time ago, I mean even in the past? So I searched again on the Google “Align sightings in all over the world”. The result was more shocking. It gave me very first link saying “List of reported UFO sightings – Wikipedia”. I would like to share that page link for all the people who don’t know it. Please go through it once and see yourself.

Click here to see the list UFO sightings from all over the world.

I read it. It shows the alien sightings at the time of ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Jerusalem. I was thinking if aliens were there at that time, could it happen that they were there all the time, I mean before the God, or maybe they were God? I was not sure, I was just thinking because I have already read in the bible that God was always talking to the men. So, to me, it was looking a little absurd now. Was it God or Aliens talking to the men? After reading it, I don’t actually remember how, but I found a  TV series “Ancient Aliens”. I have downloaded it all. I watched the first episode of the first season. Now that was some real truth I was looking for. It cleared all my doubts and assembled with all the pieces of previous knowledge I always had in my mind. Now everything was making sense. I prefer everyone to see this TV series just for once with an open mind. It will let people reconsider all of their ancient myths described in holy books.

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