Hello again. I wrote about many things before, now its time to share some examples I have noticed. Guys, I’ve seen many things happening around me, always noticing everything every detail about people and our way of living and why we do what we do? Are we suppose just live like this and then die? is that it? So I will be mentioning here those things that people don’t even think of or they don’t want to and if they do, they really don’t give a damn about it. So how people expect to know the things they don’t even care.

Here, let’s take an example of a magician. There are two things in conflict “Religion” and “Science”. Now Consider “Religion as Magic” and “Science as Trick” So my question is here that what a magician does in his shows? Is he really showing magic or it’s just a trick? If he is doing real magic then why he has to do this for learning, he can do anything with his magic, can’t he? One more thing if he is showing real magic then Govt. could have kidnapped him and questioned him that who are you? Are you e investigate his body and run experiments on him. So what he actually does is a trick (science) not magic (Religious thing).

There is no magic or God but science.

So as scientists say and I also believe that there is only one “Religion” i.e. “Science” and only one God i.e. “Cosmic” and it’s a supreme one. There is no physical form of this Cosmic God. It is everywhere. It’s kinda form of energy, which u can feel and know that it is around u but u can’t see it. Not yet.

Here is another story I was recently thinking about which I have read when I was a kid but I still don’t understand it. So I am just sharing it again. We all know Lord Buddha. He was born in Nepal. At the age of 29 Buddha left his kingdom and went to several teachers to study the ultimate nature of reality. But their teachings didn’t satisfy him and he set out to find his own path to examine the truth of life. He asked himself, “What is the cause of suffering and what is the path to everlasting joy? after reading this part I was curious that I will have the truth now. But in the end, it was the same as the other holy books that he found the ultimate truth of life. He just started a new religion. What was his truth? What was the impact of his truth on the people? People are still what they were before. The End. So how can these people change their way of living if they don’t get the truth, how can they peacefully live this life if they don’t know the purpose of it?

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