In this session, I will talk about only people, their myth, and superstitious things as they will come to my mind.

So, here is the first thing people called salvation or moksha. You can listen to this word in all the religions. I have heard that if you believe in God and if you would do everything as he had instructed us, you will found salvation (Moksha) after death. I don’t understand this. Can this really happen? Ok, I have a question. What is after death? I mean what happened to our brain after death? This consciousness, our thoughts, experiences, feelings of being alive, I mean everything we feel in our mind, what happened to that after death? What if I ask a person,” Man! can u do one thing? Can you remember where you are even after you die, and then in some way can you tell me what did you get salvation? Or can you see other people having it? Because I want proof so that I can tell people that yes if you do as God says you will definitely find your way to salvation, I know a man who got it.” can any person do that? No of course not. This is ridiculous. So what I don’t understand here is that if a man cannot even know what would happen to him after death, we don’t know where would our consciousness be, then what is the meaning of this kind of salvation (Moksha) that we cannot even know or feel. Why we need salvation? What the hell is even that?

When you visit a shop, Before buying anything salesman gives u a brief info about that product and also tells u about guarantee. So when our priests (acting as God’s salesman) teaches us about salvation after death why don’t they give us any guarantee, or give us proof?  I mean they want us to believe them just like that. Go jump into the well, would you? I believe if we can really see God while we are alive, then there is salvation because only then these people can understand the meaning of their lives and improves it. But it is not possible because there is no God and no human will ever see this God.

I have seen some people who claim that they have a glimpse of God. If they have really seen something, how they even know that it was God? Do they know him so personally?

It’s just their hallucination.

This example is for Indians only. It is said that to see God it takes time and austerity. For example, you can take some powerful people from our epic history. Like Ravan who preyed so hard so that God himself came to him. What I mean to say it takes time and after a long time of worship may be, God will show himself to you as we all have seen in epic TV serials and read in holy books. Ok. In India, people do Jagrans in which they woke up all night and do Kirtan and Bhajans and blah blah blah. During that time an entity possesses in male or female’s body. People believed that it is their “Goddess”. If it is true what they believe then how it can be possible to talk to this “Goddess” without this long time of worship? I mean we don’t have to try hard to talk to them at least. Is she really their “Goddess”? I know there was someone in their body, I have seen it myself but I’ve always had a hard time to believe that is it really what they believe. For me, it is some other entities living in other dimensions who can talk to us through the human body only using us as vessels. When we take its name, again and again, it can find its way to a body which is more sensitive. It could be anything, I mean anything. One more thing, whenever this entity enters the human body, it is always so angry and so arrogant like someone has stolen something from it. It always had been a very funny situation for me.

People say that it’s a matter of faith. If u keep faith in God then he exists and if you don’t he doesn’t. I think there is a very thin line between faith and superstition. What people believe is superstition because Religion asks for faith without any proof, just believe in it. On the other hand, science says that watch, verify and know it then believe it. This is called faith which is verified. Without it what we believe is blind faith. I know something don’t need to verify like are our parents our real one. But this God thing has really gone far and it needs to be verified.

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