So guys. In my last post (Chapter-3) I was talking about our so-called Gods and my thoughts about them. As I already mentioned before that I believe they were not Gods. I mean they were something, they could be some kind of highly evolved species or they could be technically advanced people who were misinterpreted by our ancestors as their creator God, but they were obviously not the Gods. Because if they were then my question here is that why did they create us? Why did they visited us and from where, but why not now?  Where did they go? That’s the million dollar question, isn’t it?

They were not Gods. They were never there. Gods don’t even exist. Our parents created us and they live with us. Then why this God doesn’t live with us if created us? I agree that there were some extraordinary people who were different than others. But they were no Gods. People made them God because they needed something to believe. They believed that there is something more powerful than us. So when they have encountered these extraordinary people they misinterpreted them with their God their creator. So what they actually were if they were not Gods?

What I believe that there could be many possibilities but not Gods. Why would someone even bother to create a species without a purpose, just think about it?

Possibility 1: People from another planet who came here in search of life to save their own species because their own planet was on the edge of extinction (like ours). They could be from any planet any galaxy, from any part of this endless universe, or perhaps from our own galaxy. So they found this planet and life here.

Possibility 2: Maybe future us, who has now the technique to travel through time, so we traveled to the past to see the origin of mankind. Because we people are already searching our origin and when we will have this technology to travel in the past we will definitely do that. So maybe its future us.

Now understand this, we believe that we have evolved from chimpanzees or monkeys. It’s a process of million years. But where they come from too? That’s also a question. But later. So, chimpanzees are evolving and now they can stand on their feet, not straight but on little-bended knees.

At this moment, possibility 1 or 2 has happened. Others came in search of life. They have found this chimpanzee’s species perfect to mix with their own DNA. Maybe they have tried other animals too but it was not appropriate for them. So they mixed their and chimpanzee’s DNA and created a completely new species. They experimented on this first modified species. They put him under observation. They taught him and then left him on his own to multiply his newly modified species which is now called humans. (Read Genesis in the Bible, you will get the exact picture). Have u people known about Turin Test? There is only one difference between Turin Test and others, that Turin test involves a machine and those others experimented on live species.

That’s the reason, that there are still monkeys and chimpanzees because they all were not modified. They are still in process of evolution but slower than us. And if we were not modified we would still be monkeys or chimpanzees. When we will completely be evolved in the future, we would look like exactly the same species who have altered our DNA. Maybe that is also the reason that our skin gets burn in the sun because our DNA was mixed with outer planet species DNA. Perhaps the sun was harmful to their skin. Because if we were purely evolved on our own (without modified DNA), we could not get burn in the sun as we originated on this planet and we are part of it. Just give it a thought.

So these other planetary people or future us, they must have some powers, maybe not actual power but must have some science stuff, which ancient people misbelieved as some magic power. Like Shiva had a trident, Indra had vajra, Zeus had lightning power and many other Gods who had this special stuff. Or it is also a possibility behind their powers that these outer species or future us were already physically and mentally highly evolved. They must have gained the ability to use the 100% of their mind. So they could read your mind, they could move an object using telekinesis, they could talk to you through telepathy (without using mouth, the only mind to mind talking), they could control your actions. Now think, is it not what our Gods could do, according to the religious books? Think.

Now, Just imagine those ancient people without knowledge of science and technology. Even we don’t understand it completely. How Could they?

Those others had two things, High-tech science and Evolved body with a brain. And it made our ancestors believe that these were Gods.

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