So readers, if you have already read the first two chapters I believe you may have an idea what I talking about. The very first name that triggers in my mind is “God”. This God is the main character here on which people are blindly believing,  who has Made human’s life so difficult and complicated, do that, do this. Frankly saying that in my country people are so possessed with this God thing, and they do many freaky and weird things in his name. They don’t even know why are they doing this, some of them are famous as festivals and believe to be connected with their “Gods”. People say themselves that you must not believe what you heard but, these people, themselves, believe in God so blindly, like God himself came to these people and told them that,” Hey buddy, it’s me who made you” and if you ask these people they would say that This is called faith. Have you ever questioned to your parents that, “have u seen God? No. They haven’t. Then why are you believing him? Do you really believe that all that mentioned in Ramayana, Geeta, Holy Bible or Quran has really happened as they are written? We are talking about past thousands of years. Have we all gone mad? At least try to find answers man!

One more thing, why these “Gods” created us? Ask this question to yourself. What was their purpose? Just think honestly. Were they getting bored with each other and made us entertain themselves? Was there any particular need or intention in their mind before creating us? In short, what is our purpose? Why we even exist? Do we have to only birth, then get the education, then job then marry then children and finally die? Really? Is that all inexpedient?

If you ask these religiously possessed people that why God created us, their answer would be that God wants us to worship him. Idiots. I mean a father created his son and after he grew up, the father said, “Son, I made you to worship me. You have no purpose other than this”. I was actually searching for this answer on the internet that what is our purpose on this earth.  I was redirected to a yahoo answers page. The Very first answer was that God made us to worship him. Then I scroll down and found a different thought. Someone has answered (with commenting on the first answer) that If God has created us to worship him then why did he gave us hands and legs? Wasn’t our mouth enough to chant his name? We can see some beggars either they are normal or handicapped, sitting in front of temples, mosque or church asking for money or food in the name of their almighty God. They keep saying this,” please, give us something in the name of God.” Something like that. I think they chant “God’s” name much time better than us. Then why are they still beggars? Are they really enjoying what they are? Why don’t we just go there and sit with them? Maybe God could show mercy to us. Maybe he could shower money from the sky. Maybe suddenly everything would get better. yeah. That’s a different perspective, but doesn’t it seems true? At least to me, it does. We all have a destiny, scientifically we can say that it’s all fixed (not by any God) and we are actually fulfilling our destiny without even knowing that. How? By doing exactly the same thing we have this birth for. We all are part of something big and we cannot see that big thing because we are so small and tiny and this big thing is beyond our sight and imagination. Even the earth is not fully visible through our eyes. We, so-called humans, actually exist on a molecular level. Just consider ourselves as another germs or bacteria or something and there are beings, bigger than us, who can maybe watch use through a microscope. As we all know we live in just in the third dimension.

I Was really confused since my childhood about everything, especially God. I always had problems with understanding the way of believing in him. I was unable to understand the bullshit people were doing. But I was just a small kid, what could I do?  There are many things to use as an example. Like Some Priests says that if you visit this particular “God’s” Place, he will be happy and all your undone works will be done. You will have children, you will get married soon and many things like that. This type of things is very famous in our India. Just try to look at this from another angle. What if you ask your parents that you want something, then what would they say? Would they say ok if u want to get your wish done you have to come to me on your knees? Would they say I have a home, 500km far from here, Go visit there and your wish will be done? Would they? No! Of course not. How can parents say this kind of things to their children? So what would they say? What I believe that they would say something like that you are my child. I will give you everything you want. I will take care of you. Why you have to spend so much money just to visit those places. You don’t have to go anywhere. Just concentrate on your work, be with your family and friends. Be good do good. Help Poors. Is it not what they would say?

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