Hello, people. In this post, I’m gonna talk about some of our well-known politicians and leaders. I have read about Gandhi, Nehru, Hitler any many more legendary people. Some of them were presented great and some as the villain.

But now I am learning many hidden things about all of them. Many things are revealing these days.  We all know Nathu Ram Godse when I was a kid I read in the history that he was insane and he killed Gandhi. So my question is here that was he really insane? Is saying him insane here just a phrase or was he actually mentally ill? If was mentally ill then why was he wondering on the roads freely and how did he get the pistol to kill Gandhi and what a coincidence that he killed this nice old man. Funny for me. I think they titled him insane as sarcasm. No one among us exactly knows what happened at that time. We were not there. I don’t believe what I have read.

We also know about Hitler, but in the books, I have only read general things about him. Some months before I came to know that he was so possessed with alien’s technology. He was always experimenting something on alien’s technology and through that technology his wish was to conquer the world and become the most powerful man on this earth. But unfortunately, his experiments were failed. I have also read that his men had found a UFO. They had secretly moved it to their secret bases to do experiments. His swastika symbol was also based on some alien symbol. If you don’t know then let me tell you that as far I know this swastika symbol is used by different religions like in India and chine also. So whats the truth about it? I don’t know but I have read it all. There are many things on the internet. You just have to ask.

So we did not read that in the books. Why? There was a person who was trying to reveal secrets of politicians and some histories, but he got himself killed by doing that. By who? Of course the politicians. His name is Rajiv Dixit. Just go on the internet and look for his videos. You will find more.  Our history is completely full of knowledge but rather understanding it, we keep it changing into bullshit.

This was just an example, my main focus here is our so-called God who was only seen by our ancestors because they were good. But We have sinned. We are culprits. So we cannot see God. What a bullshit. Didn’t our ancestors have done the bad thing? Yes, they definitely did. We all know that and we read that in books and watched in TV series too. But why not us, why we haven’t seen God then? Because if they came, people will clearly know that whatever they were believing and following blindly was nothing but imagination.

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