Hello, Guys. I am here to share my thoughts and views. It is my hope for every reader to read it completely just once. Maybe you will also try to see the big picture after reading this. (I am writing this especially for my Indian superstitious people). Here I will be talking about those things which were always happening around me since my childhood and I was not able to understand them, as they seem like bullshit to me.  To make people understand clearly I will be giving references here from many sources I know.

Guys, I think we all want to know the truth. I have always thought about who we are? How human species was born. What is our purpose? What happened after death? Are we alone on this earth, are we alone even in the universe? What is this universe? What kind of mysteries out there in the universe? What is a religion? What is God? Were these “Gods” real or just an imagination or misinterpretation of our ancestors because of the lack of the technology we have now? Why we birth, Why we die? In Short, Whatever is happening around us, what is the reason behind them? All same routine day after day and generation by generation. We all want to know these mysteries but did we ever try? No, We never try to find answers or we don’t know where to start or maybe people have no interest in all those things at all. They have adapted the environment we are living in. I have asked many people the same question to get the truth but I always get the same answers like “Do not talk nonsense, God always does the right thing, you are a non-believer if you would say anything against God this or that would happen and all that shit. Whoa…

Are they God or monsters, because I always listen that “Gods” are our parents, brother, and sister and everything, can they really hurt us? And if they intend to do that, should they really be considered as “Gods”? So these are the questions I seek answers for.

I don’t know where to start because I’m not a writer, but I also have been searching for answers since I came in Sense of that I am a living thing, I can breathe, feel, understand and have to die one day. But then what? Where my consciousness would be after death?

There are many things which are beyond our thoughts and still happening under our nose but People have literally no idea what the hell is going on our earth and the people who know somehow, doesn’t want to share it with the other people to save our civilization. So suddenly it came to my mind that I should put it all on a web page whatever I know and keep it update. It’s a digital world. We live in a world of technology. Everyone has the internet in their hands. In this way, it would be easy for everyone to read it. So finally I have decided to make a web page and put it all here. It’s not a big commercial website. It’s just a small web page to share my thoughts. So here we are.

Since our childhood, we listen, watch and try to understand many things and try to live our entire life on believing those things and people. But what if suddenly someone came to his sense and asks why are we living our life like this, it is the same routine every day, every year, every generation, why it is so complicated? When we are kids we thought oh! They are our parent, they are right, I mean we don’t even know what is the meaning of parents? Do we understand that relation at such age? I would say No, They are like “Gods” to us. We followed every instruction they gave us, we have learned everything they taught us. Because we are just kids. We didn’t even know what is going on around us. Then we grow up and things go on like they were going. Those instruction and Teachings are our lives now. After growing up we settle up in our professional and personal life but we don’t even try to know about us. This process keeps going on and on and on and on and on generation by generation but no one asks why? It’s not that our parents have taught us wrong things, No. It’s just that they had the same thing to learn from their parents, and they did not even know the truth themselves. 

There are many things we have learned in our life. Our life is actually based on our history and that history we know is really true? Gods, Politicians and many people from history,  were they really like as they described in the books? What I know is that every writer has altered the events that had happened during his lifetime. Reason? Just to civilize people, to put a great example for men to live their life like legendary people. And it is still happening. People who keep records of events, they change it if they found it necessary. People came and gone, but they wrote everything, ancient people draw it on rocks, walls or did whatever they could do to help people to make them understand what they saw. It’s just us who interpreted them as we could according to our knowledge. 

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